Best Crypto and Bitcoin online Slots and Casinos for Canadian Players

Playing at a Bitcoin casino is fast becoming a mainstream of gambling because of the anonymity it delivers. A Bitcoin is one of the most popular and well-circulating cryptocurrencies and can be spent anonymously. Crypto.Professorslot is a standard online mobile casino website that has the knowledge and skills necessary to give you an awesome online casino experience. Our mobile platform supports the best Bitcoin Casinos and we cover a wide range of information on them. We support different kinds of devices because the convenience of players on our site is important to us.

We have enough information and resources to make sure you make the right decision when choosing a Bitcoin casino. Crypto.Professorslot delivers service fast and efficiently. We make sure to suggest Bitcoin casinos that have a friendly customer support team, top-notch security and fair casino games.

We recommend bitcoin casinos like Bitstarz Casino, mBit Casino and to players. These sites were created to help Bitcoin players have a stress-free time while playing online. They also support mainstream payment platforms like MasterCard, VISA cards, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller and the normal wire transfer.

The Way We Choose Our Bitcoin Casinos

We are really confident in our recommendation and the guidelines we give to help you choose a Bitcoin Casino that you will be satisfied with. We do this by thoroughly searching and checking out these casinos. After these, we write reviews and recommend ideal casinos. All these makes sure we get reliable information on the internet. These factors are what we base our research on:

  • Gaming and Betting License: The licenses are the most important things we look for in Bitcoin casinos. We make sure to recommend only sites that have licences and uphold regulations from licensing bodies to have a good reputation and history.
  • Available casino games: Games are what make up online casinos so we are only interested in sites that have games that are from different software developers.
  • Bonuses and promotions: We definitely will not promote a site that gives you just a welcome bonus and nothing more. We are concerned about your entertainment and the best way you can experience this is by opting to sign up to a site that has regularly gives bonuses and promotions. Also, the website has to make sure it has friendly wagering requirements that you will like.
  • Options for depositing and withdrawing: We are experts on cryptocurrency-based casinos so we make sure the online casino supports Bitcoin. The site we recommend also will keep you safe and secure from scams on the internet and this is done by offering you very commendable security services.
  • Customer Support: We also make sure that customer support services are delivered quickly and efficiently in a friendly manner before we recommend sites to people.

Bitcoin Mobile Platforms for 2020

We have decided to assist out technologically inclined players include a list of the mobile platforms that supports the best Bitcoin Casinos so they can conveniently have access to play the games they like. We have taken huge steps to see how you can install and also make use of a variety of software applications on Android and iOS platforms. We have also gone ahead to answer different questions in the FAQs section and we picked these questions based on the experience we gained online.

Are Online and Bitcoin casinos legal in Canada?

Yes, Canada is one of the most liberal countries in regards to online gambling.

Bitcoin Casinos

The convenience of carrying mobile phones around and the decentralized nature of Bitcoin have made people move towards Bitcoins casinos that deal with hard currency. This concept was first introduced in 2009 but it was overlooked by a lot of people but nowadays this new method of playing casino games online has changed everything.

New casinos that have dedicated themselves to offering casino services online have sprung up to help cope with the demand for mobile and bitcoin casino services. Direx N.V which is a big part of Direx Ltd. that is well experienced in the mobile and Bitcoin casino gaming operates these casinos and they have the best gambling sites.

The best bitcoin casinos in 2020 have been well researched and talked about on our site to make things convenient for players. These are just a few of them:

  • mbit
  • fortunejack
  • bitstarz
  • cloudbet
  • Bitsler
  • Orca88
  • Onehash

These are really trusted Bitcoin Casinos. They are among the best as far as delivering quality entertainment and a good time online is concerned. They have impressive lists of casino games in store and these crypto casinos have over the years shown their worth by making sure that they offer solid customer service to players. They payout quickly and maintain a good reputation and consistency in all parts of their operation that they put the player’s interest first.

These crypto casinos provide exciting games and they make use of popular software application development companies. Companies like NetEnt, Betsoft and Microgaming help us bring you proper entertainment. These software companies provide fully licensed software and this software provided are checked often to be sure that they are fair and always random.

Since they have been established, they have been delivering unmatched entertainment to mobile casino players as well as PC players. They make sure players play in a fun, secure and properly regulated environment.

The companies behind these crypto casinos have broad experience in operating online casinos and they want to make the online casino gaming world full of life using Bitcoin as a payment method. Their experience has made them know what players desire when they visit a casino online and this helps them know the proper way to deliver these needs in a simple and exciting way.

No Deposit Bonus, free spins and Bitcoin slots faucets

No Deposit Bitcoin Casinos

Online casinos help players get used to playing anonymously by letting them create an account that the casino will automatically credit it with a given amount of bitcoin without asking any questions All that is needed from the player is the email address and nothing more. The player’s identity does not need to be known.

Crypto Casinos with Free Spins

Online casinos offer free spin one way or another. When you sign up on Bitcoin casinos like Fortunejack, you will be rewarded with free spins. There are three types of these free spins. These are:

Free Spin Rounds

Slot games provide layers with a free spin round where they will be given three spins when they get three or more of a symbol.

Free Spin Bonus

The casino offers you a set amount of free spins to show gratitude once you make a deposit. The amount of free spins changes with each casino you visit.

No Deposit Free Spin Bonus

These are usually offered with other bonuses and serves as a good introduction to the online casino. These free spins help you navigate around the Bitcoin casino and see how if it offers money without actually depositing your own money

Bitcoin Slots Faucet

Bitcoin faucets are a great way to win large amounts of bitcoins while entertaining yourself. This makes playing games at the casino less risky while also providing the same excitement of real gambling.

Provably Fair Slots

Provably Fair is a blockchain technology which will solve some problems for casinos and their players. Because it is possible to see immediately and for everyone transparently whether an outcome of a game was really 100% fair. It is verifiable if a random event is manipulated or deviates too much from the norm. Provably Fair is only possible with the Blockchain, because there really all events of a game can be saved and recalled by the player. That means you can check the game after each outcome and reconstruct the result. Read more on provably fair slots here.

What you should know about the most popular crypto currencies

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies – in this case, they are digital currencies that use cryptography to protect and authenticate transactions.

How do I create a cryptocurrency?

People, and more recently, businesses and governments, have created cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins, the most well-known cryptocurrency, were invented by an anonymous programmer, known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

Anonymity is often thought to be a big draw of cryptocurrency – it’s not, but anonymity in this case means that there are no intermediaries standing between a person and a money transfer, like the money transfer fee a bank charges when you send money from your bank account to a person’s bank account. Because there is no fee, cryptocurrencies can also be used for illegal transactions.

The first major cryptocurrency is known as Bitcoin. Bitcoins are created and generated through a process known as “mining.” It works like this: When someone creates a Bitcoin, that transaction is added to a public ledger, known as the “blockchain,” that is maintained by a network of computers. Each time a miner validates a transaction, it’s assigned a “block” and associated with a number. Those transactions, in turn, are added to the ledger. Mining is the process of validating each Bitcoin. It’s a slow, tedious process and the number of available bitcoins is limited, currently, to a little more than 21 million. (At the time this story was published, there were only about 16.5 million in circulation.)

How are cryptocurrencies used?

Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency, but they are not regulated by any central authority. Users are able to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies – including Bitcoin – and then store that currency on an exchange. The exchange itself serves as a platform, which helps users exchange Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies and use them for purchases and other transactions.

There are a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, many of which charge a fee to exchange cryptocurrency for other forms of currency.

How are cryptocurrencies used as a form of payment?

Because there is no central authority regulating transactions, cryptocurrencies are a very attractive form of payment for illegal transactions.

For example, users can buy illegal things online – Bitcoin is widely used for this – then have it delivered to them on request. They can use the dark web, the portion of the internet accessible only by specific sites or a specific browser that has been carefully designed to hide the user’s identity.

In addition, crypto-currency users are also able to fund online projects anonymously, which are often not accepted by banks because they are illegal.

Since the number of Bitcoins available is limited, some investors believe in cryptocurrencies. The more cryptocurrencies are in circulation and the faster new ones are created, the higher the Bitcoin price will be and when the limit is reached, the less valuable it will be.

The question is: Are cryptocurrencies a form of currency that is good or bad?

The proponents of cryptocurrencies say they are beneficial because there is no central authority that has the power to manipulate the currency supply. This is similar to gold, but this is not the primary use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Because cryptocurrency transactions are not logged on a centralized database, they can’t be traced and are much harder to track than real-world transactions. In fact, most cryptos exchanges have started rejecting digital payments because the coins have no equivalent in real currency.

The potential to trace a cryptocurrency transaction is one of the main reasons why governments around the world have been slow to adopt cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, but its real competition is Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash and other “alt-coins” that have similar functionalities but have different functionalities as well.

Most of these cryptocurrencies are based on the same blockchain technology. This is a type of database that exists across a network of independent computers that ensures that a transaction is valid, no matter what computer records the transaction.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency issued by a network of computers around the world. Anyone can participate in the Bitcoin system, though it can be cumbersome to do so, as the network’s rules are considered to be open-source and auditable. The protocol underlying Bitcoin is an open source solution that was created in 2008 by a group of people from a private internet space known as Bitcoinica. The development of Bitcoin was made possible by a combination of hard-wired technological concepts, social norms, and free market interactions.

How does Mining work?

Mining provides a way for someone with an advanced computer to solve mathematical equations. In the case of Bitcoin, this is based on new blocks of data being added to the blockchain. Once a block is added to the blockchain, a person or group of people needs to provide the solutions to solve these equations to earn Bitcoins.

How do you mine Bitcoins?

Technically, a miner is any person or group of people that run a computer system to solve equations, such as solving cryptographic puzzles (such as encrypting emails, or solving Bitcoin puzzles).

The first mines to solve a puzzle, and then can earn a Bitcoin. With each block mined, miners must use specialized hardware called ASICs – the latest Intel processors – to do the necessary calculations.

A miner who solves a puzzle is awarded with around 10 to 20 Bitcoin. Although each block contains less and less coins, the number is periodically increased as solved blocks are added to the blockchain.

How does Bitcoin work?

Bitcoin is a type of electronic currency: rather than having your bank account number or personal details stored in a central database, all transactions are transmitted directly through a peer-to-peer network of computers. You can think of each Bitcoin transaction as being like sending a message from person A to person B. Each individual transfer uses a public address – a number or code that identifies who sent the message. Each public address is a string of numbers and letters – in this case, 5to1 – which is unique to each transaction.

Any user with a computer and internet connection can see these public addresses. In this way, anyone in the world can create a wallet, one that contains a combination of public and private keys. Each public key is a string of numbers and letters, corresponding to a combination of characters, and a private key is a string of numbers and letters, corresponding to a password. A wallet contains a chain of these two things – the public address and the password.

Every time someone sends you bitcoins, that person also adds the hash of the transaction to your public address. This gives the owner of that address the ability to tell you which of your transactions were confirmed by the network, and which ones did not.

The math behind Bitcoin

The currency of Bitcoin is a combination of a bunch of computing algorithms and, in theory, no trusted third party: if you lose your Bitcoin wallet, the owners don’t get their money back.

What makes the Blockchain different?

As it was envisaged to be the underlying mechanism that records the transactions that occur on a blockchain, an alternative means of recording transactions is developed: Proofs and Sources. Proofs serve to verify what is already documented on the blockchain. They are the source of information about the transaction, or “block”, and their availability will be regulated by the mining institutions.

Every block is based on a hash of a previous block. For example, take a snapshot of the Bitcoin blockchain on 20th October 2011. The hash of block 1430 was:


On any block, there will usually be a header consisting of a block hash followed by the 12 zeros and/or symbols (hexadecimal) and the 20-digit number ‘block number’. This is referred to as the block header, and contains the transaction data that initiated the block and/or the starting block hash.

Anyone can read this block header and gain a snapshot of the history of transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain. They can verify the location and date of every block and the timing of each transaction, which establishes a record of each transaction, or block.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum (ETH) is the name of the open-source programming platform for issuing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the easiest way for Ethereum to get its name, as the name is taken from the Greek for “light.”

Why is it important?

The idea behind the Ethereum platform is to create a decentralized, global network that runs on a set of rules, known as a smart contract, and runs on a public ledger called Ether, running on the Ethereum network. Its purpose is to run legal and business applications without needing to go through the legacy of intermediaries, that is, traditional contracts like contracts for sale and securities. This open platform, which uses the same public ledger that the internet does, uses similar principles of computation as are used on modern internet platforms, but run entirely on the public blockchain.

Imagine if the internet ran on a free, open, open-source platform that everyone was running on. In order to create new applications on the platform, you needed a running version of the internet, and a way for developers to publish their software on the internet.

This enables people around the world to exchange information, launch new businesses and create new applications. This was the internet’s main purpose: it led to worldwide trade and exchange of goods and services.

All in all, the internet allowed individuals to create some of the most important technology applications of our time. This was the internet’s original purpose-it led to the universal use of information and information sharing.

Blockchain technology is intended to solve some of the problems of the internet, such as transactions between contracts, making trust of the people and entities involved in those transactions unnecessary.

Do more with less

Technologies create new kinds of solutions to problems that have been overlooked for years, to find innovative ways to help solve challenges. And where there is an open source community creating solutions, there are also private companies making the solutions more accessible for all – using the knowledge of the open-source communities around them.

One of the best ways of showing people that the blockchain will change their lives is to create a blockchain to tackle something that has been facing long odds. Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the way we build, buy, manage, transport and share in wealth. This is why Ethereum is important.


While there are very few similarities between the two, one similarity between the two is that IOTA and Ethereum are not connected with each other. In fact, IOTA is not a currency, and it doesn’t have any legal status. However, people use IOTA because of the way that it is used for a number of purposes. First, it has been created to help global governments, and secondly, it’s aimed at clearing financial transactions and is good at allowing them to efficiently function. IOTA aims to solve problems by being able to change the nature of transactions, so this means the internet could potentially be made more efficient and seamless.


When someone calls Ethereum the future of cryptocurrency, it is perhaps less of a political statement and more of a statement of necessity. It is already an active currency in the market, currently there are over 70 million ether in circulation and over $10 million worth of it are being used to run smart contracts across the network. Because Ethereum provides a platform for creating new applications on its network, it also needs to be more well known. At the moment, everyone in the world needs to buy bitcoin to buy ether. But, if people buy Ethereum, there will be more demand for the digital currency and this makes it more attractive. This helps Ethereum to be seen as a currency in its own right. It has already seen a significant increase in trading volumes with the hopes of getting into the hands of a wider public.

Why are we even talking about Ethereum in the first place?

Ethereum was founded in 2013. It was initially envisioned as a technology that would be used to create decentralized applications that would facilitate instant payments, including a platform for digital currencies and exchanges. When it was not yet clear how such a platform would work, the founders decided to create a decentralized applications technology with the same name. Its aim is to decentralize identity, and address many of the issues of e-commerce that exist today. When its design was revealed, there was a lot of positive press. For example, Wired described the technology as “a new kind of cryptocurrency designed to function in almost any decentralized application.

What can we learn from a decentralized blockchain technology?

It is hard to say exactly what can be learned from using a blockchain for a cryptocurrency, but there are a few lessons that can be learned from the process of creating an ethereum-based currency.

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin, also known as LTC, is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was released in October 2011 by the ‎ creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee. Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in circulation, having been created in November 2011. Unlike its predecessor Bitcoin, which was initially created to serve as a global payments network, the open-source, decentralized nature of Litecoin made it ideal for use as a cryptocurrency and as an ’store of value.

By making it possible to quickly send and receive cryptocurrencies, Litecoin’s underlying technology, known as “halving”, has made the total number of coins in circulation halve every 4 years. As of November 2018, there were 84.79 million total Litecoin, totaling approximately 86 billion LTC.

In comparison, Bitcoin’s original purpose was to serve as a global payment network. As the virtual currency began to gather traction as a store of value, miners solved complex mathematical algorithms to add new coins to the blockchain. As the number of coins became greater, their value would increase, effectively doubling every 4 years. Because the first 1 million coins were added in 2011, the total supply is approximately 84.79 million Litecoin.

Litecoin, like most cryptocurrencies, is mined through the use of cryptocurrency mining equipment, which is used to solve complex mathematical equations on a computer. The process requires specialized processing equipment. Because there are many transactions per second and the processing equipment is becoming less efficient, in the near future, the time required to find a new block (number of coins in circulation) will be even faster, and hence, the value of litecoin will decrease.

Also, because coins are created by the individual users of a cryptocurrency, eventually, the total supply of the currency will be exhausted, which will result in its value being reduced. The total number of litecoin in circulation currently stands at approximately 17.4 billion.

Litecoin is considered to be one of the more innovative cryptocurrencies because of its application to the domain of payments, as well as the innovative technology behind it. In its design, Litecoin is based upon the “proof-of-work” algorithm that is relatively new in cryptocurrencies. If you have ever wondered what it would take to solve a difficult cryptogram or code in order to make a blockchain, these calculations are done by the miners”.

The technology behind this algorithm makes the mining process slow and expensive. An individual mining rig requires up to $600,000 of specialized hardware. Additionally, this system requires sophisticated software and the high cost of electricity. In contrast, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which utilize a decentralized network to exchange value and approve transactions, are solved using an algorithm that is largely simple, and therefore is easier to compute.

Like Bitcoin, in the last 2 years, Litecoin has gained popularity and at the end of 2018, its market capitalization reached $30.98 billion. As of November 2018, it is the seventh most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap, and still has considerable potential.

With its large user base, great market capitalization and its high investment potential, Litecoin is an interesting asset to consider as you choose a cryptocurrency for your investment portfolio.

How to get Litecoin

One of the easiest ways to buy Litecoin is to use an online exchange. Using an online exchange means that you can buy Litecoin with fiat currency (currency that is backed by its issuing government), like a bank. This makes the exchange less risky, as you have a relatively safe asset to invest in.

Lightning transactions, or litecoins, take about 2.5 minutes to confirm, compared to 10 minutes for traditional transactions.

Because of Litecoins own sophisticated algorithm, litecoins are distributed among a finite number of users, which makes Litecoin, unlike other high-speed internet currency, more secure. Because there are so few users, its more difficult for hackers to break into an account and make off with the coins.

FAQ about Dash

What is Dash?

Dash is an open-source blockchain-based cryptocurrency. It offers high speed transactions through global payments networks, with the digital equivalent of PrivateSend, which is currently offered in only about 30% of wallets and is very expensive compared to Bitcoin. Dash is a decentralized, self-governing, self-funding system. It has no central administrator. It was originally designed to provide a solution for a decentralized and less centralized currency system, and has been further evolved in a wide variety of ways.

Dash is mined by solving a hard mathematical puzzle. When this puzzle is solved, a new block is added to the blockchain. During this period of time, there are about 10,000 DASH mined by miners and a reward of 100,000 DASH is given to the miners for their work. In this scenario, the reward is about 40%. The blocks in the next block “the genesis block” are added to the blockchain, starting a new chain that is irreversible, unlike Bitcoin’s, which require an extra confirmation after four confirmations in order to be acknowledged.


Relay and routing tunnels is the shared secret with the two most popular implementations of Dash coin.

Unlike Bitcoin, it has a special feature in which users can make an additional privacy request for each transaction they send. The work involved in relaying this extra-private transaction request is carried out by Dash nodes and is subject to peer review.

There is no central authority, and therefore no authority to claim a transaction has been made. This ensures that this privacy is retained for as long as the Dash network lasts.

The process is irreversible. Since it is irreversible, it prevents miners from forging blocks and invalidating the transactions on the blockchain. This was the major aim of Dash’s creation.

How does Dash work?

Dash, like Bitcoin, functions by employing a Proof of work consensus system. Unlike Bitcoin, which is mining — mining to create new coins — Dash operates by running a Proof of work system. This results in higher transaction speeds, greater anonymity, and higher fees for the transaction.

Dash has maintained this unique system in order to fulfill many of its specific needs, including instant transfers and peer to peer applications.

The difference between Dash and Bitcoin is that Dash has what is called Masternodes. Masternodes are little to no-cost reward for someone who manages to solve difficult problems within the network.
After contributing to Dash, someone can apply for a reward of 10 Dash for solving the problem.

That will be enough to buy Dash for less than $3. However, these rewards are limited to provide a cushion to prevent DASH price from crashing overnight.

One more thing is that Dash has a coin split. The coin split is essentially the reverse of Masternodes. Instead of having one thousand-dASH reward for solving a hard-coded block, 1000 DASH reward is given to the nodes that solve the problem within the network. The 100% reward is made possible because there is a 1-coin divided in three pieces and all 3 pieces are currently held by the miners of the network.

How to buy Dash

The best way to buy Dash is to buy it with credit cards or Paypal. This is because Dash is cryptocurrency that you can spend on anything, but there are minimum and maximum transactions amounts. Also, you can pay your Dash through a credit card or Paypal. Furthermore, there are masternodes and staking nodes where a certain amount of Dash can be earned for staking. To buy Dash, you can use Credit or Debit cards to make purchases. There are also various merchants that accept Dash payment for products and services. To buy Dash, you can use credit card. There are merchants that accept Dash payment for products and services. To buy Dash, you can use credit or debit card. You can also buy Dash online using websites such as http://buy.dASH.

FAQ about BitcoinCash

What is BitcoinCash?

Bitcoin’s original vision was to be the replacement for the bloated and costly Visa and PayPal. Bitcoin would allow individuals to make their payments as easily as if it were a credit or debit card instead of having to take on a large amount of transaction fees. In fact, Bitcoin could even be cheaper than credit card payments, with the ability to be processed at a lower cost than Visa or PayPal. However, as time went on, Bitcoin’s development and use became hampered by the increased use of the cryptocurrency for online gambling and illicit transactions. With the advent of the SegWit2x solution, Bitcoin Cash was born, and the Bitcoin community moved on to the second Bitcoin.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been under development since 2017, and is the result of a hard fork of the original Bitcoin blockchain. The 1MB limit imposed by Bitcoin’s original developers was meant to discourage the use of Bitcoin as a means of storing value. But by the time the block size limit was increased to 8MB, the market had already begun to question the legitimacy of Bitcoin as a reliable form of payment. With Bitcoin cash, the scalability of Bitcoin’s blockchain was increased, and the goal was to prevent Bitcoin from becoming outdated as a way to transact. Bitcoin cash was launched as a result of the August 2017 hard fork, but the development process started before that. The Bitcoin team considered scaling solutions such as an increase in the block size limit before deciding on a hard fork. The current Bitcoin Cash blockchain is more scalable and has a bigger block size. This, combined with a greater use of blockchain technology, has led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash started out as a reward for people who solved the original Bitcoin’s scalability problems. The main goal of this project was to make Bitcoin more attractive to investors as a means of doing investment. While there are some still calling for Bitcoin to be removed from the list of major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash remains one of the top five cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap. Bitcoin cash has continued to expand in its use, and as of August 2018, Bitcoin Cash has an overall market capitalisation of more than $3.1 billion. This number represents a staggering amount of money, even by the standards of a cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is safe to say that Bitcoin Cash has become one of the most successful and recognizable cryptocurrencies in the world.

How is BitcoinCash functioning?

What makes Bitcoin the world’s most widely traded digital currency is its innovative scalability solution. The Bitcoin project did not expect another currency to be developed that could scale up to serve the world. However, its scalability solution has evolved into the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Initially, Bitcoin Cash was designed for everyday use as a cryptocurrency, where transactions are processed faster and cheaper than with the legacy Bitcoin system. Bitcoin Cash can be bought on BitcoinExchange, Bittrex, Kraken and Poloniex.

How do you get BitcoinCash?

  • Either get it from another address or order from a BitcoinExchange.
  • You can buy it from one of the many online exchanges. However, you may find that the prices tend to be a little higher in markets like Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
  • You can also purchase it directly from another person using a wire transfer. In this case, you are simply giving them the amount you want to send in cash, as well as the amount they want to receive.
  • If you live in a country that requires you to have a bank account or to provide some sort of ID to open an account, you can also use a mobile wallet that works as a Bitcoin Cash wallet.
  • You can even send and receive direct to another person’s wallet.

What are the advantages of BitcoinCash?

Bitcoin’s downfall is mostly caused by its slow transaction times. However, with the increased number of transactions, the Bitcoin’s block size has remained the same. BitcoinCash transactions are recorded in blocks so that more people can get their transactions confirmed in the Blockchain.

There is a chance that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash would run into one another as a result of Bitcoin Core developers changing the algorithm to increase the block size. However, BitcoinCash was created in a consensus so that it could handle the increased load of the Bitcoin network without failure.

What you should know about Ripple

What is Ripple?

It is a technology that allows financial institutions and other financial-service providers to issue their own digital currency that can be exchanged for payment. It is intended to replace current mechanisms for mediating transactions and facilitating international payments, including direct debits and deposits, and by aggregating these payment methods and removing the need for third-parties, provides for a cost-efficient and instant payment of almost any amount. It is available to the general public and is backed by a network of validating servers all over the world.

The XCurrent is a fast, global money transfer system built by Ripple, a privately held company. A single, global payment system in its own right, the Ripple Network is used by banks, governments, and people all over the world to move value around the world quickly and easily. When Ripple Labs was founded in 2012, the XCurrent was just a prototype. Its product grew rapidly, eventually to include nearly all of the features of the current network, including instant, low-fee transactions, and secure servers to ensure that each transaction is secure. Although the XCurrent was intended to act as a financial payment system for direct deposits and remittances, Ripple Labs eventually found that it also held great promise as a network for blockchain-based currencies.

How does Ripple work?

Like other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, the Ripple protocol takes advantage of the fact that computers and smartphones are getting faster and faster.

A ripple is just a series of units of value (for example, a thousand dollar bill has 10,000 units of currency). Unlike the Bitcoin network which uses miners (miners are essentially the computers which validates transactions) and the Ethereum network which uses a software platform called the smart contract (a contract which allows for the creation of a “ripple” to move value quickly), the ripple network uses a network of computers (miners).

To explain this better, consider a package of 100 cents in US dollars. A thousand dollars is not a unit of currency and cannot be divided into units of currency. It is just 100 pieces of currency. If the package were 100 pieces of paper with 100 US dollars in them, each piece of paper could be broken into 100 pieces of 100 dollars. That means the thousand dollars can be divided into 100 pieces of US dollars ( 100 x 100). The 100 pieces of 100 dollars is called a coin, while the 100 pieces of 100 dollars is called a bill. The 100 dollars are called a “coin”.

The coin is never collected (every coin is unique and never produced again). Instead, each 100 pieces of currency is worth 100,000 Ripple ( XRP ) units.

What are the advantages of Ripple?

Ripple allows for faster global transactions thanks to its use of the open source software distributed by Ripple Labs.

Ripple is able to process more transactions per second than any other payment network, serving as a valuable cross-border payment solution. By changing its open source algorithm, they were able to reduce the cost of sending international money significantly.

Ripple can also facilitate transactions with cheaper and faster verification, which is especially useful when comparing to banks which charge high fees and delays for sending money internationally.

Where to buy Ripple?

If you want to buy XRP on Coinbase, you will have to sign up for an account and go through a verification process. Also, you’ll have to first set up a Ripple wallet to keep your XRP in.

Buying Ripple on Poloniex

If you prefer to buy on a Japanese exchange, like Poloniex, you can do so. You will have to go through the same verification process and set up a wallet before you can buy XRP.

Buying Ripple on Bitstamp

If you want to buy XRP on Bitstamp, you will have to first sign up for an account and go through a verification process. Also, you’ll have to first set up a Ripple wallet to keep your XRP in.

Online Slots: What to know before you play

What are online slot games?

Online slot games have an interest in the title “slots” which is a game played with a deck of cards. The most popular version of online slot games is based on the theme of casino games. In the case of online slots, in order to play the game, players have to enter the game. There are various variants of the traditional slot machine game that give players the choice of playing as a casino or as a non-gaming individual. In the privacy of their house, an online slot machine gambler can play. The online casino version of slot machines, however, is only offered at a location where players can access the machine from their home comfort. The online slot machine game has become very popular and its popularity has led to many online slots games being developed. Slot machines have many features that they offer to the player such as non-reward features that will give a player the game time without being noticed.

Casinos have transformed from casino bars to casino gambling areas and have started offering a casino experience to the players. You can either play the traditional slot machine games at a casino, or the online slot machines game online. The online slot machine game provides new ways for players to experience and enjoy gambling, and it is a lot more exciting.

One of the most popular online slots games that everyone likes is the Hollywood slots game. There are a number of online slot games from the market that you can choose from such as the Big Money Live Casino Slot, Boom Boom slot, Money Mania Slots, Las Vegas Slots and Jackpot Kings online slot. There are so many online slots games to play, and all of them offer so many thrilling features and unique features to the player. All the online slot games available on the market have different elements which will make the experience enjoyable for the players. In the case of online slot machines, a player can choose to play as a casino or as a non-gaming person. In the case of casino slot machines, the player can play as a guest of the casino.

Last update on: 6. July, 2024