Best Slot Bonus for Bitcoin and Crypto Casinos

Different Bitcoin Casinos offer their own unique forms of bonuses. These unique bonuses are different in their difficulty and size. When looking for or simply trying to compare suitable bonuses, these few factors are important and should be kept in mind:

The most popular Bitcoin bonuses are Deposit Bonuses. They usually have to do with a percentage match amount and this amount makes the player know how much of his deposit will be matched by the Bitcoin casino as a bonus. If you play and deposit 20mBTC with a 75% match, the crypto casino will gift you with 15mBTC as a bonus to add to your 20mBTC initial deposit. There are Bitcoin casinos that offer match bonus to percentages as high as 150% or even 200%.

Since crypto casinos do not plan to go bankrupt, they usually put a limit to the total amount of Bitcoin that can be received as a bonus. These bitcoin bonus limits vary from one casino to the other. Normally, these limits are around 500mBTC to 1BTC.

Crypto casinos decide to get creative with the Bitcoin bonuses they give. If you are a new player you can receive these bonuses in the form of free spins, free entries to poker tournaments and even raffle tickets. These help players play a wide range of. games without risking anything.

Deposit Bonus with Bitcoin

This requires you to first make a deposit into your bitcoin casino account before you can redeem it. There are a lot of ways in which you can make this deposit. It can either be eWallets or credit cards as well as some other prepaid payment option. There is usually a minimum amount needed to make the bonus become active. This minimum deposit amounts can be as little as 1.3mBTC or even 2.6mBTC as the online casino you choose will give you cash in the form of bonus.

At times, a crypto casino can decide to match the amount the deposit or maybe a good percentage of it. It is very possible that online casinos limit the amount of cash you can receive as a bonus so that the bonus amount will not surpass an amount as much as 6.5mBTC. It is possible that online casinos offer higher bonuses which can go up to more than 10mBTC.

Deposit Bonuses are usually of different types:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Second and third deposit Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • High Roller Bonus

Welcome Bonus

Most online casinos offer players some kind of bonus when they first try out their platform. This bonus is usually available when players make their first deposit. This bonus is usually a match bonus that gives 100% bonus currency. This typically means that when players deposit an amount like 13mBTC to the Bitcoin casino, they receive a bonus of the same 13mBTC. These bonuses typically come with conditions and can include wagering requirements.

2nd and 3rd Deposit Bonus

The welcome bonuses some bitcoin casinos give you form of special deposit bonuses on your second and sometimes, third bonuses deposit. In some cases, you will hardly receive 100% bonus. This bonus is usually around 75% or even 25% of the first bonus amount.

Reload Bonus

This require the player to deposit money and they are usually available periodically. This system is typically available weekly or monthly. In some rare cases, the online bitcoin casino provides them. These bonuses are typically incentives that are meant to keep players engaged.

High Roller Bonus

This bonus tends to be much higher than regular offers. They are usually given to high spending players and can come in any form of any of the aforementioned bonuses. The bonus can match 100% of the player’s stake even though the amount runs into an equivalent of 130mBTC.

Even though wagering requirements apply here, the conditions attached are most likely different from that of regular bonuses because of the high amount involved.

Wagering Requirements

This is essentially the amount of times a player has to play bonus money in an online bitcoin casino before the player is allowed to withdraw this bonus money. Bitcoin casinos have different wagering requirements depending on the particular bitcoin casino you are dealing with.

Provably Fair Slots

Provably fair gambling is the act of using a cryptographic algorithm to make sure results are random without manipulating them. This is usually done by combining a client seed with a server seed to create a result that is random and this can only work out when both parties participate.

The Provably fair algorithm is transparent and is used to make sure there is a way to verify that the outcome of a game is fair. It is important for the player to know that this algorithm is transparent and can be verified so they will know that hacking is not possible as the blockchain stops cheating and they have to rely on chance to win their stake or playing the correct moves.

What to know about Cryptos and Casino Games

What makes cryptocurrencies unique?

Because bitcoin and other cryptocurrency offerings don’t hold a fixed value and are fungible across the blockchain, there is no third party to print new money and regulate transactions, as happens with fiat currency, making cryptocurrencies completely decentralized.

Cryptocurrencies are restricted by the amount that can be generated. This keeps the market in balance and makes it more reliable, enabling value growth for each individual piece of the currency and giving users a higher return on their investment. This has made cryptocurrencies extremely popular and easy to access in recent years, as it eliminates any underlying risk of deflation associated with a currency backed by government debt.

Due to lower fees and greater efficiency of existing payment networks, cryptocurrencies are inexpensive to send, approximately 10 times cheaper than transferring USD to Western Union. This means you don’t have to worry about the high fees associated with international money transfers, which can exceed the 2% fees by payment providers such as Western Union.

As a result, many people are choosing to hold bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency in their online bank account, while keeping the rest in their crypto wallet. This represents a great opportunity for banks and credit card companies to break into the cryptocurrency and blockchain market.

How to play in online casinos?

There is much more to online casinos than the usual roulette tables and slots, and there are several extra things you might want to keep in mind before you begin to play. The online casino playing platforms usually offer a range of games with different rules, a separate players area with extra bonuses, increased casino offers, and extended player spending limits.

There will also often be a small sign next to the games on the main casino screen that provides you with extra information, including a video to educate you on the type of game to play. Be aware that when you are on the main casino screen you won’t be able to see the extra information, so it’s worth looking for it. If you think that you might like to use the bonus online casino games, you should also consider signing up for the internet bonus casino portal. This is a service provided by several well known online casino casinos, and allows you to redeem free slots or casino games for cash on your very first visit.

Last updated on: 9. july, 2024