Bitstarz Slot Games Review: Is It the Best Bitcoin Casino Online?

Ready to unwind after a very long and tiresome day? Then visit Bitstarz Casino! Despite being one of the brand new casino portals online, the site seems to have a bright future, thanks to its choice of online casino games, promotions and bonuses, payment methods and the platforms that it’s readily available on.

Bitstarz at a Glance

  • Best known for offering a fun and relaxed atmosphere for gaming online
  • It’s website is easy to navigate and use thanks to its simple and easy to use menu
  • More than 400 exciting casino games, powered by top software providers
  • Unique bonuses and promotion offers that ensure you are rewarded for choosing the site
  • Supports Bitcoin as a payment option and optimised for use on mobile devices

What cryptocurrencies are available at Bitstarz Casino?

What Slot Game Developers are available at Bitstarz Casino?

What are the allowed countries at Bitstarz Casinos?

  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Brazil

What are the bonus wagering requirements at Bitstarz Casino?

  • 40x

In what languages is the Bitstarz website available?

  • English
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Chinese
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian

Exclusive Bitcoin Promotions

It was fascinating how this casino has gone an extra mile just to ensure that all its players are satisfied and happy. While ensuring that we never miss something new in their game portfolio, they also have unique and juicy bonuses, offers and promotions that we can take advantage of so that we can have an extended gaming experience! Some of the notable promotions include the following:

Welcome Bonus Offer

Are you set for an adventure filled with surprises and fun? Visit Bitstarz Online Casino and get started with their €500 welcome bonus + 180 free spins which you can easily use on NetEnt’s hit slot game Starburst or Fruit Zen. Alternatively, you can easily choose to claim up to 5BTC as your welcome bonus and play any game of your choice.

How do you claim the welcome bonus? It’s easy, deposit €500 or more >> Get 100% welcome bonus credited to your account >> 180 free spins shall be waiting for you!

And did you know? At Bitstarz Casino, all the winnings that you get from the 180 free spins, as well as the welcome bonus, are yours to keep, provided that you meet their friendly wagering requirement of 25×?

Get your 180 Free Spins Here!

Slot Wars Promotion

At Bitstarz Casino, the fun doesn’t stop with the welcome bonus. In fact, it gets better as you continue playing thanks to the different promotions such as Slot Wars. According to Bitstarz Casino, this is the ‘Most amazing promotion in the Bitstarz Universe’, and it didn’t take us long to notice why. Thanks to this promotion, you can easily win part of the weekly €1,000 + 250 free spins offered at the site by playing any of the slots games enlisted in this promotion.

Other notable promotions at the site include the 50% reload bonus offer; Rook’s Double Cash promotion; and the free spins Tuesday, which all guarantee you more than 250 BTCs and 80 free spins.

Exciting Mobile Casino Games

As a mobile casino player, you’ll, without a doubt, agree with me that playing different casino games online is fun filled and exciting and it’s especially fascinating when you win real money. Bitstarz takes pride in bringing you online casino games in the most iconic way – playing through the mobile platform and making payments using Bitcoins. This together with the high service factor sets Bitstarz apart from the other online casinos.

The site offers a wide array of online casino slot games as well as table games which have their results determined by the Random Number Generator. Moreover, the site gives you a chance of playing in a real casino on the move thanks to their live mobile casino games, which are broadcasted live from a real casino. The live game’s outcomes are in real time, meaning that there’s no RNG involved!

Play Safe

Remember, Bitstarz Casino is all about fun and good times. However, should you feel for any reason that the fun is getting too much, you can easily limit the fun by restricting your access to your account for a certain period or setting up a custom deposit limit. You can always do this by contacting the customer support team.

Bitstarz Mobile – Take Your Favourite Casino Games with You

Everyone is going mobile, and Bitstarz Casino has applications for both smartphones and tablet that you need. Alternatively, players can easily have access to the site if their mobile devices don’t support the mobile application, through the HTML5 platform.

If you choose to play Slots, Roulette, Blackjack or other popular casino games on the move, Bitstarz Slots and other popular games are readily available through the mobile platform and features popular games such as Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, among many other titles. Being the first Bitcoin casino, you can easily play the games by making the payments using Bitcoin.

Payment Options

At Bitstarz Casino, they strongly believe in keeping all your interest first. They recognise how vital it is to ensure that all your transactions such as depositing and withdrawing have been conducted in a safe environment and in a very fast manner. It’s for this reason that they’ve decided to include both Bitcoin and other traditional payment methods to their payment portfolio.

Payment Fees & Limits

While traditional at Bitstarz have a 2.5% commission on all the deposits, Bitcoin deposits attract zero commission on depositing, while Cubits attract a small fee of 0.5%. However, the fees on all withdrawals are zero and players can withdraw between €40 up to a maximum of €4,000.

How does Bitstarz compare to other Bitcoin casinos?

When it comes to payment through Bitcoin, Bitstarz does the job right. It has flexible deposit range which varies between 0.0001 and 20 mBTC per transaction. To encourage new players to join in the new payment method, Bitstarz Casino has waived off any fee on all Bitcoin transactions.

Customer Support Services

As far as customer support services are concerned, we would like to rank Bitstarz up there thanks to their fast, superior and effective customer support team. There are a number of things that we liked about their team. First, they are readily available and easily reachable through different channels including the live chat, located at the bottom right corner of your screen, and email at [email protected] as well as the manner in which they handle all complaints and disputes.

The agents are supportive and take your problem personal and work to ensure that you indeed get the necessary help. Whether it’s a problem regarding how to start playing at the site, or one regarding payment, they work speedily to ensure that it’s resolved within the shortest time.


One downside, however, that we hope will soon be improved is the fact that players can only contact the customer support team in either English or Swedish. This also applies to offering all their services. The result is that players from other European countries, who aren’t well familiar with the languages might struggle to access the services offered.

What cryptocurrencies are available at Bitstarz Casino?


What Slot Game Developers are available at Bitstarz Casino?

PlayN Go
Big Time Gaming

What are the allowed countries at Bitstarz Casinos?

South Africa

What are the bonus wagering requirements at Bitstarz Casino?


In what languages is the Bitstarz website available?


How do cryptocurrencies work?

As a cryptocurrency, bitcoin is more than just a token or a unit of account. If the goal of cryptocurrency is to have some value independent of its issuers and to control its creation, it makes sense for the blockchain, the digital distributed ledger that records transactions on a public ledger, to be the currency. Because the blockchain is inherently self-modifying, it is impossible for the cryptocurrency’s issuer to spend the same currency twice, an issue that was the root cause of a major investor run on the cryptocurrency Mt. Gox. Other cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, have yet to be introduced with a transparent record of who created them or the means by which they are created.

The blockchain system’s strength is also its weakness. The blockchain relies on users working with “self-amending” software, or smart contracts, to continue the ledger’s self-correction. The problem is that the community of coders building self-correcting systems is not necessarily well-educated and not necessarily familiar with the unique properties of bitcoin. In essence, someone who has a bug in their self-modifying code could either introduce double spending without being able to withdraw their coins or december be incapable of testing their code without working around the weakness of the blockchain.

Bitcoin’s potential for spreading information around a more decentralized system of paying and getting paid might be an important step toward a more widely distributed and decentralized future of our financial system. Whether it will ever achieve such a future is another question.

How do online Casinos work?

While there are several types of games available, none are more popular than slots. In fact, there are approximately 30,000 slots sites worldwide. The most popular types of slots in online casinos include 3 Card Poker, Blackjack, Razz and Slots from Isle of Man. You’ll also find dozens of new releases each year. For more information about online casino slots, check out our complete guide to online casino slots.

Last updated on: 20. june, 2024

11 thoughts on “Bitstarz Slot Games Review: Is It the Best Bitcoin Casino Online?”

  1. I love BitStarz because it feels like home in there. A team of professionals run this online casino for players from all over the world. BitStarz supports bitcoins which is the best way to make money online.

    I think I have already got return to half of my bitcoin investments in this online casino. The value is above $1000 which is amazing for me. BitStarz won me during the account sign up process which was extremely quick. I loved the way how quickly everything was being done and deposit was fast.

    Withdrawals are pretty quick once every requirement is fulfilled. BitStarz supports a large number of banking payment methods. Players can choose any suitable form of payment. The customer support is very kind and they answer every answer every question. I loved the way some managers suggest things. One of them also gave a brief on the payments that was very helping.

    Overall, I came to this casino for bitcoins but it has a lot more specialties. BitStarz’s first impression was inspiring. It’s a very good looking place with a lot of games. Just don’t hesitate to give a try!!

  2. I heard BitStarz as a casino with the best wagering requirements but in real it is not even good in that. I can also easily say ‘among the worst’

    It’s a good looking casino. Good for bitcoin players and good for those who want to play and engage with new games on regular basis. Bitcoin adds new games by the supported software on regular basis.

    BitStarz’s customer support service is also very nice. I liked the quick response by members on live chat. Never needed email support but I believe it is also good.

    Welcome bonuses always captivate me. But here I was disappointed to see that the wagering requirements cannot be met with the winnings. I have to deposit again and again which is the worst surprise I ever had because I started winning in this casino right from the start and I was pretty happy with my performance. But this wagering thingie has divided my happiness. Disappointment and so due to this reason I will give this casino a 2 out of 5

  3. I was a member of two other casinos when I joined BitStarz. After playing for some days in this casino I closed my membership in all other online casinos because BitStarz was the best in every possible way.

    There’s everything that I need. Slots, roulette, table games and keno. I liked almost every category of games in BitStarz. It’s easy to choose and play and it’s also simple to move to the mobile version for those who prefer mobile gaming.

    Live casino is very good especially the games. I won some money and received it instantly in my bank account. Initial bitcoin transaction was also fast enough to save my time and praise this casino.

    The bonus programs are great. They never fake it and treat their players well. Bonus wagering and prizes are very very good and there’s zero doubt in that. I’m more than happy to be in their loyal members’ list.

    Lastly I admire the work of customer support because they’re always available to help. The managers are professional and friendly and new customers are always their priority. I was never kept on waiting for any of the answers and solutions in the starting days. Love this casino.

  4. Only some things were disappointing in the BitStarz. I joined the casino and expected no deposit free spins as mentioned in one of their advertisements but in return instead of free spins the customer support showed me a long list of countries which aren’t eligible for the bonus. They are good but this is really a big flaw for a casino with 10/10 rating.
    Bitcoin network itself has no fees but BitStarz charges adding fees.
    I admire that they made Bitcoin transactions easy then the fees also didn’t bother me.
    I also enjoyed a lot and BitStarz’s cutomer support is also very pro and friendly. Overall a great casino but no good in bonusing.

  5. They’re a little buggy and sometimes they show an error message in game and the chat window is blank sometimes.

    There is no “expand” button like the PC version of the game.

    I think the whole downloading software on the PC version of the game was a hassle, so why can’t it just be made simpler?

  6. I don’t like bitstarz way of running it.

    I know if I play one game, I have to pay for the rest of the month.

    I still don’t like it but I could deal with it.

    This pay to play for multiple games thing is too much.

    This morning I checked my emails.

    Ya, I see all these damn spam in there!

    Why the hell?

    I think I have it going away again.

    I don’t get why I got so many spam messages.

  7. I really like bitstarz casino, as the live dealer slots, casino blackjack and baccarat are very good and you get a lot of bonuses for deposits and winnings.

    I had a fantastic time there as I enjoyed my days with lots of winning.

    It is always important to stay focused and not let your emotions get the best of you, as that is where many people make mistakes.

    It’s kind of sad really, how people that earn millions lose all their money and the ones that earn a fraction of what they make loose everything.

  8. I really like bitstarz casino website because the interface is very easy to use, they have some nice games to play including roulette, black jack, baccarat, bingo, slots etc etc.

    Plus you have the option of playing real money games.

  9. Make sure that you have proper proof of deposit. A valid money transfer approval does not cover the deposit of a small amount. You must be a customer and not a payee for a proper cash withdrawal. If a friend of yours deposited into your account, it does not mean that you can cash out on your own, you need a friend in the state of Nevada to authorize your withdrawal in that state. The casino was insured and regulated by US state to ensure fair play and a proper banking experience. Bitstarz Casino is committed to protect your money for good. All the transactions in the casino are subjected to strict KYC and AML standards. The casino uses state of the art technology to safeguard your funds. In case you are not happy with the services, you can lodge a complaint directly with the authorities.

  10. What I like most about bitstarz casino is the flexibility to play the same game and when you can take more profit.

    I have been playing bitstarz online for 4 months now and here is my result (at time of posting).

    A gross profit of $3543. 58.

    I am making a profit which is slightly better than my sports book at casino and making a much higher profit than the online casino.

    I like that bitstarz is the one which has attracted me the most because of its customizability, flexibility and cashback options.

    This site is really worth checking out.

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