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Launched in 2008 in the land-based market. More than 100 online slots are currently released in the real money and social casino categories. There were games in over 35 countries and 25 languages.

Gamomat only available at 1xbet at the moment.

#1Books and Bulls
#2Fruit Rush
#3Stacks of Jacks
#4Fruit Love
#5Western Jack
#6Fancy Fireworks
#7Books and Temples
#8Fancy Fruits Respins
#9Book of Madness
#10Beer Party

Gamomat Slots with the highest RTPs

The Book Beyond96.22%
Wild Rubies Christmas Edition96.19%
The Land of Heroes96.17%
Stacks of Jacks96.16%
Forever Diamonds96.16%
Roman Legion96.16%
Crystal Burst XXL96.16%
Book of Madness Roar96.16%
Ramses Book Respins96.16%
Book of Madness 96.16%

Gamomat Crypto Casinos and their cryptocurrencies


The most popular Gamomat Slots in 2024

Ramses Book

Ramses Book is a Bally Wulff 5-reel, 5-payline slot that comes with a bonus feature that provides up to 20 free spins. Go discover, from 5p to £ 10 a spin. The Pharaoh is the most significant symbol as you manage to land 5 on a payline, awarding your stake 1000 times. Really the sound and graphics are similar to some of Novomatic’s Egyptian-themed offerings. Triggering free spins is not the fastest feature, but it can perform well. Overall, with basic graphics and music, the game is quite straightforward. There are also 2 bet rounds in the game – a straight guess and a flashing light pyramid is the color of the card game that can double or lose depending on where the light stops. We discovered that Ramses Book is a medium to high variance slot, and it can be difficult to make the bonus feature. With stacked symbols that can deliver some impressive results, several reels can be loaded. The main downside is the game’s basic graphics.

Juno’s Book

With 5 reels and up to 10 paylines, the Juno’s Book is run by Gamomat software. The characteristics of Free Spins, Gamble and Chance Ladder appear in the game. In order to get new bonus symbols and double the wins, the game can be retriggered. The game based on Roman mythology, has a theme inspired by the guardian goddess of the gods.⠀You can play Juno’s Book as a game or only follow the directions below to have the game played at a casino for real. As the game is played and rewarded with prizes for engaging in functions such as cheating, gambling and gambling on other people’s cards, you will be paid with playing the game. The game can be played in any order you choose and there are bonus icons which can be added to the level.

Well-designed with decent graphics, but a little sparse in the function department. RTP is expected to be in the 96.14% average range and high volatility is combined with it.

Royal Seven XXL

The Royal Seven XXL is given to you by Gamomat and it’s a classic slot game. The connection to the Monarchy in the name is given by purples and golds, as the game itself boasts warm colors and courtly enthusiasm. The winning symbols used in architecture are both primitive and familiar and clearly identifiable to gamblers. Magnificently set against its purple backdrop, the golden seven is by far the most valuable emblem. Up to 1,000 coins on the reels for five is worth it. Bet numbers, for a max bet, would be up to 400 coins. The max bet button sets the highest level automatically if punters want to play this way. When any victory is awarded on the paylines during regular gameplay, punters will choose between two selections. In order to illustrate winners, the payable is readily available and there are ways to adjust tones, experiment with turbo spins, and use the space bar instead of tapping to turn the Reels with the mouse. When they arrive on the winning lines, the fruits are packed, making a victory more likely. ⠀

Books and Bulls

The matador-themed Books and Bulls by Bally Wulff have a good classical style. Between 10p and £ 10 per spin, play. 2 free spins features that deliver 10 free spins plus either scatter or sticky wild payouts. A beautifully built slot in Spanish with props and graphics. The lack of Spanish flavor is a shame, since the backing track does not have enough of a Spanish flavor. The game is played using a game engine of 5 reels, 10 paylines and is usable on all computers. It comes with 2 bonus features – sticky Wilds and scatter pays. It can be retrigged to give you 20 free spins with all the bonus features and payouts are good if you land a 5-in-a-row combination. The base game and free spins perform well and with the bonus features, are standard. But owing to the sticky Wilds, we’d place the variation on the north side of medium.

Crystal Ball

The name of the game and the scatter sign to boot in his brand new online slots title is Crystal Ball. To have three crystal balls on the board, you can have a few free spins to allow you the chance to win cash without spending a penny. When you land some wild bonus icons during these free spins, they stretch to fill the reels and can help you draw in even more cash. Crystal Ball is a five-reel slot machine with five paylines, where wins are only counted from left to right. The bigger you gamble, the better it is the more you get when you score. Since the game is based on your browser, you can use your laptop or tablet to play it anytime you want. The game also features a wild emblem in the form of the crystal ball itself. When you land a crystal ball, it will take the place of another symbol to guarantee a win for you even if you originally don’t have enough symbols in place. When you line up two or three of them these special icons give a cash reward.

What to think before playing crypto currencies and slot games

What is a series of blocks?

The crypto-currency technology, bitcoin, is called a blockchain. Blockchain is a shared, transparent, distributed database that maintains a growing list of records that are linked and secure thanks to encryption. All information on the ledger – essentially a record of a given asset’s ownership – can only be updated by consensus.

Each block is attached to the previous one and linked to those before it, generating a growing chain. Each block is permanently available for viewing on all nodes on the network – the internet’s servers that power the cryptocurrency and a widely-used industry standard.

“It is essentially a transparent database,” said Jamin Warren, the founder and CEO of The Circular Board, a San Francisco-based startup that focuses on the intersection of private equity and technology. “Anything that is digital – a stock, a ticket, a contract, a smart contract – it can be placed on the chain.”

Because of the immutable nature of the ledger and cryptography, anyone can go to a network’s website and see who owns what. It’s open source, which ensures that individuals will fork and expand on the technology making the framework adaptable to new applications. The blockchain is structured such that the whole chain is changed and the altered portion of the chain fails if a part of the chain is altered.

“Because it is distributed and replicated across thousands of computers, no one actor can control what is going on,” said Warren. “As long as they have access to the internet, they can always go back to a previous snapshot.”

What is the Device Blockchain?

It’s not a new invention for Blockchain. Since the late 1990s, it has been in use, but only lately has it obtained a substantial increase in interest and investment.

The banking market is one of the most promising applications of technology. Many banks use blockchain technology to back up large amounts of financial data. As the system stores transactions in a distributed database, once they are registered, transactions cannot be reversed.

“A lot of transactions are never recorded or documented because the records were not synchronized,” said David Treat, director of financial technology at Accenture, a consulting firm. “This helps a bank, at an unparalleled degree of openness, to learn what is going on under the hood. Blockchain allows a bank to see the whole process and to see where the money goes the next second it occurs.”

Another potential use case is the electronic exchange of voter information, such as in the case of a nationwide electronic poll book. This is an example of a blockchain-related project at work at Arizona State University, one of more than a dozen in the U.S. working with the state election agency, called Smart AZ Ballot.

Initiated in 2020, the project aims to ensure that every voter who registers to vote in Arizona is entered into an electronic poll book. A blockchain-based system would track voter records for all those who fill out the registration form.

“Blockchain is used for validation, but also can be used to add accountability to the transaction itself,” said Zachary Dumas, director of technology at Smart AZ Ballot.

“You have to be at least 18 years old and have a valid means of identification in order to register to vote. By using blockchain, Smart AZ Ballot gathers this information, which will securely store the information and also allow us to check the eligibility of the voter in a highly secure manner.”

How to get your cryptocurrencies?

In exchange, we’ll discuss each of the approaches. First, you’ll want to head to an exchange.

There are multiple options here. One of the most popular is Coinbase, but don’t be lured in by the logo. It’s an organisation that has been created, but it’s not funded by the government and it doesn’t have any particular security for you.

Be sure to do your research before you make any transactions on an exchange. Google and read the company’s SEC filings. You can also do the research yourself, by contacting each exchange and seeing which offer a user-friendly environment.

Coinbase is an easy, no-hassle place to trade. It’s targeted towards the mainstream, though and your coins will be subject to the market’s whims. A low transaction fee is charged by Coinbase, but when you withdraw them, your coins might be worth a lot less.

Circle, which has a far more diverse range of coins to choose from, is the most appealing option for the novice cryptocurrency investor. It charges a small transaction fee on all transactions and a percentage of your profits, but it will be a good place to start if you’re just getting started.

Bitpay is also good for newbies. Although you don’t have to pay any transaction fees for sending and receiving funds, the fees are small – no more than $0.10 for each transaction. Bitpay also handles the creation of credit cards, so you won’t be stuck with a useless piece of plastic if your wallet goes missing.

How to maximize winnings from your online casino?

As casino bonuses are being offered by many online casino operators, the question many gamblers will ask is “how can I maximise my winnings?” It is a question that might have been asked by earlier generations, but with the internet and social media, people can now stay connected to their favourite sites in the comfort of their own home. With increased competition and the higher quality of service that players expect, it is now more important than ever that we get the best online casino bonuses to maximize our winnings from gambling.

Working out how much can you spend?

The UK-based offers a great online casino bonus comparison tool. The tool allows gamblers to choose the type of casino games they like to play, the region they prefer, and the type of bonus they are after. The tool then generates a personalised list of the best casino bonuses that are currently on offer with this information at hand. From traditional slot games to exciting virtual reality games, the tool provides you with the information that you need to maximise your winnings.

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