Crypto friendly Casinos with Playtech Slots (Vikings + Origins)

Most Popular Playtech (Origins + Vikings) Slots 2024

#1Wild West Wilds
#2Buffalo Blitz
#3Age of the Gods
#4Age of the Gods King of Olympus
#5Age of the Gods God of Storms
#6Age of the Gods Apollo Power
#7Midnight Wilds
#8Egyptian Emeralds
#9Leprechauns Luck
#10Lucky Emeralds

Playtech Slots with highest RTPs

Ugga Bugga99,07 %
Tropic Reels98,95 %
Triple Profits98,72 %
Golden Tour97,71 %
Alien Hunter97,69 %
Jungle Boogie97,40 %
Sultan‘s Fortune97,26 %
Desert Treasure97,10 %
A Night Out97,06 %
Captain‘s Treasure97,06 %

Playtech Crypto Casinos and their cryptocurrencies






About Cryptos and Slots FAQ

What are the drawbacks of crypto-currencies?

Cryptocurrencies and digital coins in general have several benefits.

Anonymity is the first one. With cryptocurrencies, you never have to reveal your identity, and there are no personal details associated with your account.

This also means that cryptocurrency transactions are typically very fast and inexpensive. Usually, transactions on Bitcoin take just a few seconds to complete and are validated in minutes.

No bank or other institution is involved, so cryptocurrency users do not have to deal with transaction fees. Bitcoin also allows for users to send or receive payments with other users across the globe without the need for a third party.

While there are many risks associated with the use of digital currencies, such as hacking, there are benefits to using them, as well. Cryptocurrencies do not need to comply with regulatory oversight or taxation, and transactions are anonymous, so no one can trace them back to you.

Often, cryptocurrencies are a perfect way to raise money from a relative lack of laws. In the UK, cryptocurrency is considered “legal tender” — meaning that it can be used and accepted in the same way as money.

This ensures that it’s easy to exchange digital currency online for a profit, when you don’t need to register with the Financial Conduct Authority, the financial regulator of the UK, as a broker. You can also purchase or sell Bitcoin on major exchanges for pounds without having to request an application for a license from a real-name broker.

Why do you need bitcoin?

Let’s say you’re trying to travel in a foreign country where the locals don’t speak English. You could use some online translation services, but they are expensive. If you didn’t bring anything with you and just used your phone, you’d be very limited. With bitcoin, you could convert foreign currency into bitcoin, transfer the bitcoin to your phone, and use it in the country to buy something.

With Venmo or Paypal, your money gets stored in a bank. With bitcoin, your money is stored in a wallet on your phone, and you can spend it anywhere you want. Because of that, cryptocurrency can be useful in the global marketplace, which isn’t the case for many currencies.

What are online Slots?

You have heard the term ‘online casino’ at one time or another. But did you know that with your screen, tablet, and smartphone, you can now play some of the finest gaming slots? Slots are essentially free games, meaning there is no cost at all to enter, play, and win, meaning there’s no guilt or worry about potential gambling addictions. Perhaps better, there’s no need for actual money to make a deposit or to wager.

There are more than 50,000 free slot games to choose from online, offering an assortment of options for your every gambling taste. You’ll find huge jackpots and cash and prize payouts that can rival the likes of the world’s largest casinos.

Last update on: 9. July, 2024

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