iPhone and Android: Playing Mobile Slots with Coins

A huge range of online casino games & jackpots are readily available on the mobile platform! This is perhaps no new news to you so we’ll move on to the next important topic – helping you to play slots in coins using your mobile device!

The past and present of mobile casino gaming

Approximately 10 years ago, the mobile casino industry was pretty much in shambles mainly because the mobile phones back then were bulky, had very little features to desire, internet coverage and penetration was limited to the densely populated areas and the available internet speeds were very slow. Furthermore, the online casinos back then were still on the experimental levels.

In 2009, the first ever mobile compatible games were released on both the Android and iOS platforms. Farmville and Angry Birds are considered the games that opened the doors to the $25 billion dollar online casino mobile industry as they lay foundations to the thousands of mobile casino games available today! They were also the games that showed online casino operators that it’s possible to actually have all their games readily available online. As of 2013, it’s approximated that there were slightly over 100 mobile casino operators, but as you read this article, the number has surpassed 200 and is set to increase by the end of this year!

Fast forward to 2020, the mobile technology as a whole has taken a huge leap. Most of us can now own a hand sized PC in our pockets and access literary any information and services online at our own convenience, including playing and enjoying all the land based casino services online. The result is, there has been plenty of platforms offering mobile casino services differently.

Requirements for mobile casino gaming

So what do you need to have a share of fun from this online mobile casinos, of course besides being an adult of 18+ years old and the money/Bitcoin for those interested in playing and winning real money? What you need is a mobile device that’s powered by either Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and to some extent the Symbian powered OS. However, since most of the online mobile casinos dwell on the Android and iOS devices, we’ll also like to dwell on the same and guide you on how to set up a your mobile casino gaming mood right!

Android Platform | How to Get Started

Recent statistics indicate that the UK market has the largest penetration of Android powered devices in the European continent. It’s not difficult to see why this is the case given the ease of use of the devices, their pocket friendly prices, and the level of sophistication involved in their security measures for the platforms offering android services. This ensures that all your personal and financial information is safe at all times.

How do you start using your Android device?

Unlike the iOS devices, Google Play store doesn’t support gambling application in there store. This means that you have to visit the online casino, physically download the Android Package Kit (APK) from the website and use the easy to follow instructions on how to install it to install the APK.

Doesn’t this cause a serious threat, given how unsafe it is to download applications online?

It’s okay to have this feeling but by downloading the APK from the official mobile casino website, there’s no risk of downloading any virus to your device. However, if you remain skeptical about your security, you can easily use the flash – no download option and enjoy the games just as you would using the application.

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iOS Platform | How to Get Started

The iOS platform mainly encompasses all iPhone and iPad devices as it’s the operating system that runs the devices. Unlike the outgoing, Apple is very strict with the mobile applications its users use and they have to undergo vigorous tests to ensure that they meet the company’s standards before being published in iTunes store. This means that regardless of the online mobile website, they have to liaise with apple for a mobile application.

How do you set up your iOS mobile casino account?

It’s simple, if you still don’t have an account with the particular mobile casino, simply visit iTunes, select, download and install the application. Once completed, gently tap on the sign up button, confirm your email address and you are set to go with the iOS mobile casino app.

Now that safety is guaranteed on iOS apps, are the applications any better than the Android apps?

When it comes to ‘how good’ the applications are, it all comes down to personal preferences. There are die hard iPhone users who would never touch, leave alone use the Android devices. The reverse is true. However, while the system functionality of the device will vary from one device to another, the mobile casino app is optimized for use on the specific gadget and you’ll notice very little difference whether you are using an iPhone or Android device.

Mobile coin casinos FAQs

Is it possible to play using Windows, Blackberry or Motorola devices?

Yes, it is. If you don’t have an iPhone or Android device doesn’t mean that you won’t miss out on the online casino fun on the move, no! Thanks to the HTML5 technology, you can now play all the games through the in-browser feature and experience the thrill and fun that an iPhone or Android phone user experiences.

How difficult is it to deposit and withdraw Bitcoins through mobile?

Depositing and withdrawing Bitcoins through mobile is much easier than you think. With the invention of the QR readers, all you’ve got to do is scan the QR Code using your mobile device and the funds will instantly be deposited to your Bitcoin wallet.

Are all the transactions and mobile casino services secured?

Yes they are! While Bitcoins have quickly risen to popularity due to their safety assurance, mobile casino services have been made even more secure by the use of advanced encryption technology and inclusion of strict rules and regulations that are aimed at protecting you.

What memory size do I need to install the applications?

This will vary from one mobile platform to another. However, with a space of 50MB, you should be able to download, install and run the mobile app efficiently.

FAQ about Cryptos and Slots

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a smart contract system that runs on the Ethereum network. Smart contracts are contracts that can be written in computer code. They are self-executing because once you decide to do something with the money, it has to happen. In the case of Ethereum, you can write smart contracts about transactions, contracts between two parties, and other types of contracts.
Ethereum a fully decentralized, permissionless, public ledger on the blockchain. Every user in the world can update the record of the block and every transaction that has ever taken place. They don’t have to register on the network, they just have to use a Smart Contract to update the record on the blockchain. Every Smart Contract has its own cryptographic signature, which makes it immutable.
This means that there is no third-party mediator who will control the system, who can change the rules midway, and who can check the authenticity of the data. The record will remain unaltered and will be available for anyone to access.
Users are not required to store any private information on the Ethereum blockchain and it is also impossible to trace the identity of a particular user. Any data that can be found on the Ethereum blockchain can be traced if required, but this information cannot be a guarantee of identification.
In the Ethereum system, there is no central authority like a bank, nor an auctioneer, who will organize the transactions. The execution of the Smart Contracts is done by the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), a kind of programmable computer that executes the Ethereum blockchain.
The EVM is the entity in the system that is in charge of managing the transactions in the system and allowing the creation of Smart Contracts.

What is Ripple?

XRP is digital currency, not gold. In fact, it was never meant to be a real currency. It was simply meant to act as the backbone of the network. Bitcoin’s original use case was to be a currency, but the value that digital currencies are now garnering puts the digital currency into a wider audience. Therefore, it is hard to go back on that original plan. However, XRP will act as a way of transferring value from one party to the other without necessarily having to use any money.

It’s far easier to simply use the XRP ledger for value transfer instead of traditional currencies, like PayPal or e-commerce platforms like Paypal, which can be tricky to get off the ground, especially when you need to pay for the currency.

That’s where XRP comes in. With the ecosystem of XRP products, Ripple uses this system to transmit value. It’s actually kind of cool because you can use XRP for payments and a few other things without necessarily using the system itself. You’re still having to pay fees, but you’re just sending digital currency between two parties.

It’s important to note that Ripple is not a bank, and it’s not exactly banking. It’s a service that acts as a backbone for the digital currency industry.

Why should you buy Ripple?

People are moving their money online and trying to make it easier to send money between countries. That’s good news for businesses and individuals trying to send money without worrying about how they’re going to get paid. It’s also good news for banks and financial institutions who want to make sending money easier for their customers. With Ripple, they’re getting a way to do so without having to worry about the technical issues that come with these transfers.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that Ripple is currently the third-largest cryptocurrency on the market. This is a safe way to invest your money. Ripple is a safe way to bet on the future of digital currency.

What is FortuneJack?

FortuneJack is an online casino with a huge range of games and sports betting, You can use Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency to Gamble.
FortuneJack Casino was first set up in 2014 and it is now a platform that supports casino games, live dealer games, and sports betting.
It is under the ownership of the Nexus Group Enterprises Casinos. The founders of this offering have more than two decades of experience in the igaming space. Their goal was to put together an offering that brings all of their leanings together in addition to the most enjoyable aspects of the space under one roof.

There are many unique aspects to this offering, with FortuneJack Casino also offering binary options trading on top of its traditional gambling offerings. There is also a cryptocurrency price betting system in place called AnyBet. As well as these innovative aspects, there are also leading casino games from some of the best developers in the space today.
In terms of licensing, the FortuneJack Casino is under the oversight of the licensing authority in Curacao. FortuneJack Casino sees itself as the highest quality cryptocurrency gambling platform in the space today. Let’s see if they actually live up to this claim.