Provably fair slots: Not getting cheated on no more

When you play, do you have thought that the casino is changing its settings to alter the outcome in order to increase the winnings of the house? If yes, then you should check out provable fair slots in a bitcoin casino. Before the rise of blockchain solutions, you’ll have to trust the result generated by online casinos without the player’s bet or some random factor altering it.

When you rely on results from online casinos, the house could win a lot more by knowing players bet and not broadcasting unfavorable results to the user on purpose. However, with bitcoin casino, a public ledger is used to store information about every bet and results and how the outcomes were arrived at and these algorithms can be vetted by users.

What Is a Provably Fair Slot?

Provably fair allows the mechanisms used in generating results on a gaming platform to be vetted by the user independently for authenticity and randomness. It is the process of using a cryptographic algorithm to predetermine randomness without cheating. This is carried out by combining your seed and the seed of the server site to create a random outcome when both parties participate.

The server seed is encrypted to make sure the result cannot be calculated by the player. This also guarantees that the outcome hasn’t been changed after the bet was made but instead predetermined to prevent cheating. The provably fair algorithm is used to provide a completely transparent and verifiable solution to the handling of predetermined bet outcomes so no one can influence an outcome that favors the house.

Regular Bitcoin Casino Vs Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino

A traditional or regular Bitcoin casino uses random number generators (RNGs) and third-party auditors just like standard internet casinos while Provably fair Bitcoin casinos allow customers to check their wager outcome on the blockchain.

Not all bitcoin casinos are usually provably fair. A site could merely accept bitcoin as a banking option without featuring provably fair games and they could be called bitcoin casino.

How Do Provably Fair Bitcoin Slots Work?

Now let’s dive in and see how this works for bitcoin casino games. Firstly, the system of provable fairness entirely depends on the blockchain technology like Bitcoin.

Due to their increased level of security, these digital currencies are now widely used in online casinos. Everything in the blockchain stays there forever which makes it possible to check any spin.

Here’s the idea behind the provably fair.

For instance, let’s say you want to play some dice games and you head to a provably fair site to place your bet. Then, the site’s server would provide you with a hash (a near impossible-to-reverse, fixed-length output scrambling of data) of the predetermined result of the roll (server seed).

From your browser, you’ll provide a random seed (client) which would modify the existing gash to something which you or the site can’t predict. The dice is rolled after this happens

Once you’re doing with your session, you’ll check the hash the site provided against your seeds and with verification tools and a predetermined algorithm, you Canberra sure that the result of your rolls was generated according to the sites original seeds and her own random client seed.

With provably fair in a bitcoin casino, you don’t have to trust anyone else about the outcome being random and fair, as long as the mechanisms are transparent.

How to verify if an outcome was fair?

Mostly, sites that claim to be provably fair so it’s important to be cautious and verify if an outcome was actually fair. I’ll show you how you can verify if an outcome was fair or not in this section. Reputable bitcoin casino sites include links on their sites to open-source tools which you can use to check seeds and verify outcome.

Sometimes, you can find the open-source tools directly on the bitcoin casino sites and use your browser to access it. Also, the algorithm used in generating randomness should be well defined, open-source and transparent. A bitcoin casino site’s transparency is of utmost importance and provable fairness technology will allow you to eliminate your worries and doubts and just concentrate on getting lucky!

Pros & Cons of Provably Fair Casinos

Provably fair gaming has a lot of benefits over traditional casinos but there are still some drawbacks.

Let’s take a look at both sides of the equation.


Verify the Bet Outcome Personally

This is a clear advantage over traditional sites. With provably fair gaming, you are able to verify the results of casino games to ensure that they’re legitimate and random.

No Need for Third Party Auditing

Provably fair gaming removes the need for third-party auditors. You don’t need to worry about auditing and can always check results yourself in the absence of a testing lab.

Higher RTP At Provably Fair Casinos

RTP is a major decider of your long-term chances of winning with a casino game. The higher the percentage RTP, the stronger the odds of winning.

Provably fair slots casinos offer higher than most online casinos. You could get up to 99% or even 99.5% RTP as compared to 95% and 96% payback of most online casinos.


Probably Fair Games Don’t Always Look Great

Most provably fair casinos focus on their strength of fair gaming and allowing players to check their own results without paying much attention to graphics, features, and overall game atmosphere. Some sites still feature low-quality graphics and very basic gameplay.

You Must Deposit and Withdraw with Cryptocurrency

In provably fair games, You have to bank with crypto which is problematic for someone not experienced in dealing with cryptocurrencies,

Is Hacking Possible?

The provably fair slot is not 100% secure and could be rigged or hacked at times but it is better than online casinos.


If you’re worried about being scammed by bitcoin casinos, then you should consider playing at provably fair casinos. You’ll enjoy numerous benefits like higher RTP, being able to verify outcomes on the blockchain and no need to depend on third-party auditors for validation.

Provably fair sites also similar to regular casinos by offering promotions, VIP programs, welcome bonuses and customer service.

You should familiarize yourself with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency that you’re going to be using before you choose provably fair sites.

List of provably fair slots

  • West Town
  • Hello Easter
  • Domnitor’s Deluxe
  • Fire Lightning
  • Platinum Lightning
  • Aztec Magic
  • Domnitors
  • Fantasy Park
  • Slotomon Go
  • Lucky Blue
  • Cherry Fiesta
  • Aztec Magic
  • Lucky Sweets
  • Brave Viking
  • Lucky Lady’s Clover
  • Book of Pyramides
  • Crazy Starter
  • Princess of Sky
  • Hawaii Cocktails
  • Desert Treasure
  • Princess Royal
  • Scroll of Adventure

Things to consider before playing

What is a blockchain?

The technology used to secure and verify transactions, and to secure the identities of users, is called a blockchain. Traditionally, we keep bank accounts in one of four ways: we have physical keys that allow access to our account, we have a passcode that unlocks the passcode on the account, we use an app that generates the passcode, or we have our finger print on the passcode. Bitcoin is completely different from any of these types of accounts. Bitcoin is a public ledger, which allows users to know that the money that their account is holding is really theirs, without requiring them to rely on any single authority.

Decentralized digital currencies are “closed” networks. There are no “keys”, or “passcodes”, that grant access to their network. Instead, their network is secured with a distributed computer network called a blockchain. This is a highly complex and secure way of keeping the ledger of transactions and keeping the digital currency safe.

How is the technology different from Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an open source, public ledger of transactions, which ensures that the currency is safe. Unlike the Bitcoin network, blockchains are only available to the people who develop the blockchains. It is not owned by a bank, or any central authority, but by the people who are using the system.

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